The Bulls too quiet for the Deadline?

At  3pm EST today the trade deadline whistle went off. When the dust settled what we witnessed is perhaps the most pathetic trade deadline in recent years. With J.J. Redick being the biggest name moved today I can hardly say the Chicago Bulls missed out.

So whats the reason behind such a lack of  moves this year? A few things could be thrown out there, was it the new Luxury Tax, the new CBA, or just plain stubbornness on the part of owners across the NBA not being able to come to any sort of agreement ? Whatever the case the Bulls like many teams stood pat.

As a Bulls fan that might find yourself a little dissapointed right now you have to ask yourself. What did you think was going to happen? Did you really think they would move Boozer, Deng, or Noah to bring in a “star” to play along DRose whenever the return does happen? I hope not. Did you really think someone would take Rip off our hands in return for a pick? That seemed to be the most likely scenario to happen with 3 teams showing interest in him the Suns, Grizzles, and Rockets. My guess was that he would end up on the Houston Rockets with his expiring contract and needing experience in their second unit this could have worked out for both sides. Chicago would have been able to fall below the luxury tax line and avoided the repeater tax in the 15-16 season.  With the Rockets having the most salary cap space in the entire league and possibly getting a second round pick for their troubles one would ask what the hang up could have been.

As the possible return of Derrick any week now. This  Bulls team who without him is only 6 games worse at the All-Star break then they were in the 10-11 season. The same season which the Bulls finished with the best record in the east and also made to the Eastern Conference Championship.  You would begin to wonder just how good this Bulls team is going to be once their MVP gets back. Why mess with a good thing? Why lose that chemistry you have created just to save yourself from a few million in the luxury tax? In my own unprofessional opinion I believe for once Chicago being a quiet team at the deadline was the right choice.


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