Bulls Looking to sign Brand?

dannyb / Foter / CC BY

The Chicago Bulls are set for the most part this offseason. With 12 men on the Bulls roster they may look to add one more piece to the puzzle. They already have a pretty deep back court the only thing the Bulls really need is a little more interior depth. This is where Elton Brand comes into play. As a former number 1 pick in the 1999 draft by the Bulls, this aging vet could give Tom Thibodeau that interior presence off the bench. A player who still hold a very solid offensive post game, and a savvy defender. The Bulls could really use him as he gives a lot of physicality in the post. Something the Bulls lack, and would suit them well when going for that title run this post-season.

Brand would come cheap, as he is looking to sign one more contract before possibly retiring from the league. Averaging 7.2 ppg and 6 rpg, Elton could be exactly what the Bulls need as far as a legitimate back up to go along side of Taj in the second unit. He could even see some time playing the backup center role and become a better option for Thibs instead of relying on Nazr to be the number one guy off the bench. If the Bulls are able to attain the 13 year vet, look for them to offer nothing more than the Vet Minimum of $857,000. Basically, that’s all I can see Elton getting offered from any team. New York and Cleveland are also rumored to be involved. But, ultimately at this stage in his career, even if he gets offered more I see him going for a Championship instead of a few hundred thousand extra.



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