Hate D-Rose?

MattBritt00 / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

As I scroll through my Twitter feed I feel my emotions raging. “D-Rose is soft.” “D-Rose is weak.” He’s this. He’s that. I even saw a so-called-Bulls-fan write “I hate D-Rose!” To those of you that have sadly turned your back on the biggest Chicago sports icon in 15 years, shame on you . After what he’s done for this city?! After whats he’s done for this organization?! I have one thing to say to you: Hate him next season.

Hate him when he’s crossing over Chris Paul. Hate him when he’s splitting double teams and beating their help to the basket. Hate him when he speeds past the out-stretched ridiculous reach of Rondo and pulls up for two. Are you really going to hate the man that will lead this team for the next ten years? The answer is no, you’re not.

When the Chicago Bulls are ready to contend for an NBA Championship, Derrick Rose will be the reason – just as he was the two straight seasons they were on top of the Eastern conference. Next season he’ll have the chance to win back the heart of those that have chosen to “hate” him. D-Rose will play with the same reckless abandonment for his body that made both fans and the media label him as “Chicago tough”.

At only 6’3 (with shoes on…maybe), Derrick risks his health every time he drives among the tall trees in the paint were the big boys play. This is a big man’s game and I respect the “no fear” attitude Derrick has played with throughout his entire career. Have fans forgot? Or are they just using him as a scapegoat for the organization’s bad contract decisions? In the words of D-Rose himself, “God only knows”.

As far as his rehab, he’s made a strategic decision to sit out this season in order to become a bigger, faster, stronger player and I for one can’t wait to jump off of my couch in excitement for the countless number of amazing plays that Derrick Rose will undoubtedly make. And I sure as hell can bet you will be doing the same.

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