No DRose at the Drew League

audiovisualjunkie / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

So once again Chris Palmer reports are inaccurate. The fact that this man is allowed to put ESPN before his twitter handle is somewhat of a joke to me. So for those of you wondering whether or not the Superstar Derrick Rose decided to play at the Drew League, I am here to tell you, those accusations were totally false. Not only did he not show to play but he wasn’t even in attendance. Which makes some of the Bulls fan base happy due to the fact that Derrick isn’t going to make his return during an above average men’s league. In fact, look for his return to officially happen in Rio this October for roughly 8 minutes. Me personally, I could care less if he laced up his Addidas in this South Central Summer League. He needs to play at a high level and test his knee out. Word was that the Bulls organization did clear him to play in this game. So the fact that it was thrown out there maybe could put some truth to Chris Palmer’s rumor. More than likely the person throwing out this claim could in fact have just been piggy backing off of the Palmer rumor. We may never know.

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