Malcom Thomas out, Marcus Camby in?

The Bulls desperately need a back up center but Malcom Thomas will not be the answer. Thomas was cut before his 250k guarantee took affect, giving the Bulls flexibility to offer the minimum to veteran center Marcus Camby.

After leading the Summer League in Rebounding at 15 per game, Thomas thought he would be that 3rd string center/forward. He also knew he was playing for the other 29 teams that had scouts in the stands.

“I want to show that I can be a super-active player who brings energy and toughness,” Thomas said. “My whole career I’ve been told I’m not strong enough, not tall enough, but my mental toughness and energy make up for what people think I don’t have.”

I never would have thought a move of this caliber would carry this much importance. But If the Bulls don’t land Camby, who reportedly is leaning towards the Rockets, They’re in trouble. At 39 his best years are far behind him but he can still provide a little rebounding

Joakim noah will undoubtedly develop another case of Plantar Fasciitis, so the importance of the back up position is high. The problem I see is that Mohummud and Camby combine for 74 years of age and bring no offense what so ever. So the Bulls will lean on them to provide a defensive presence and to rebound the ball.

I reached out to my followers with mixed results:

If Marcus Camby decides to sign with the Bulls, lets all hope he doesn’t have to play an abundance of minutes.

Will is co-host of BullsZone a weekly podcast on the Chicago Bulls. Follow him on Twitter @Will_Miller81


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