Grading the Chicago Bulls- Vlad Rad

stevec77 / Foter / CC BY-NC

In one word I can describe what every Chicago Bulls fan thought when the Bulls signed Vladimir Radmanovic this past off-season. Why? The 6’10” 240lbs PF from Serbia was brought in even before Asik took his talents to Houston. Was he to be his replacement? Highly unlikely. He did play in 46 Playoff games and started in 25 of them, averaging 7.3 pts and 3.6 rebounds in 26 mpg. Was he brought in for Playoff experience? Your kidding right! He played in 2 games for a total of 15 minutes this post-season. He was 0-4 from the field (three of those were 3’s) and only registered 1 assist and 1 rebound.

Vlad was brought in to be a Scal replacement, who as we all know is still an icon in the eyes of Bulls fans everywhere. You never heard one, not one VladRad chant all season. Vlad’s one season highlight consisted of him applying lip balm, while DRose cheered his teammates on in Game 2 vs Miami.

With the Bulls coming into this season, they already knew their front court was going to take a major hit when Asik left. So what can they do with little to no cap space? Sign two really cheap players at the vet minimum, and hope the two of them together, can equal the production Asik had. Also, after the phantom trade of Korver for his trade exception, the Bulls were in need of a three-point threat. Vlad didn’t pan out in either situation. Hitting just 4-18 (22%) from behind the arc and only playing in a total of 19 games. Even as banged up as the Bulls were the entire season, Thibs never could trust the 11 year vet .

His totals in a Bulls uniform where well below his career average. With 4.1 mpg he managed to shoot 28.6% from the field, averaging 1.1 ppg and .09 rpg. He totaled just 20pts for the entire season. From what I saw from him this year I could say that this signing by the Bulls’ front office was an complete and utter fail.

Final Grade: F

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on grading Nazr Mohammed

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