Derrick Rose to return against the Heat

mdf3530 / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

According to sources the preliminary schedule has the Chicago Bulls playing in Miami for the opening of the NBA season. On October 29th, Derrick Rose will make his return to the NBA after being out for over a season. A return that many have been awaiting. The fact that this event will take place on a night where the Miami Heat will accept their rings couldn’t be better scripted for the start of the 2013-2014 NBA season.

For the Chicago Bulls to sit during the opening ceremonies and watch their most hated rivals receive their second NBA Championship Rings in as many years. This is sure to ignite a fire inside them bigger than the one they already possess. Joakim Noah will fill rage, Boozer will feel desire, Jimmy Butler will look for blood, Deng will feel determination, and Derrick Rose, Derrick Rose will feel a motivation that is indescribable to the normal person. The core of this Bulls basketball team will have a chip on their shoulder.

They will not let their fans down this season. They will be hungrier than they ever have been. The NBA by scheduling this rivalry in Miami on a night where they officially crown their champion has made the biggest rival in the modern NBA, an even bigger rivalry. For that I thank them. In my own unprofessional opinion there is absolutely no way that Derrick Rose will let this team, after not competing for a full season, lose in his first game back in a Bulls uniform. Welcome back DRose, let’s go to work.

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