Rose says He’s the best player in the NBA

nba-mvp-derrick-rose-wallpaper3.jpgDerrick Rose sat down for an interview yesterday with CNN’s Pedro Pinto. Though he asked a series of varying questions, there was one in particular that stirred the basketball world. “Who is the best player in the NBA?” Rose’s response: “Derrick Rose.” Pinto chuckled a bit at the blunt reply, and followed up with, “Yea?” And with the look of a Windy City Assassin, Rose simply answered, “Yea.” (see video below)

This is a look that Chicago Bulls fans know all too well. It is the same look when D-Rose asked, “Why can’t I be MVP?” He was mocked then too. But he used it as motivation to have one of the single best seasons by a Point Guard in recent memory and capture the Most Valuable Player award.

So those that are mocking him today are only adding fuel to his fire. Rose has always used the words of his haters to give him an edge on the basketball court. And I for one feel sorry for the NBA and especially the all mighty King James and his cast of minions. Because Derrick Rose is back, and he has something to prove.

Rose’s quest to become the best player in the NBA begins on October 29th. In most people’s basketball world this title has already been claimed by LeBron James. But D-Rose doesn’t live in that world. To him, that world doesn’t even exist. And I can’t wait to step back into the D-Rose world this upcoming season. I think I speak for most fans in saying we will be anxiously awaiting the RETURN.

Will Miller is co-host of BullsZone a weekly podcast on the Chicago Bulls. Follow him on twitter @Will_Miller81


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  1. Great article again Will.. So many need to watch the Bulls with Rose and without him. While on the court, the offense runs much more smooth and leaves defenses guessing. Rose is going to be bigger, stronger and much faster this season.


  2. LOL haters? what haters. The guy doesn’t know what haters are compared to James. You have to play in the NBA to be considered its ‘best’, something he hasn’t done for a while now incase you hadn’t noticed. Lebron nor his minions care or are worried what Derrick Rose is upto. He’s coming back from a major injury and hadn’t played one game of NBA basketball post injury, so save me the everyone better look out speech


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