Jimmy Butler is already a winnner

shinya / Foter / CC BY-ND

By now every casual Bulls fan knows Jimmy’s story. Being thrown out on the streets when he was 13 because his mother didn’t like the way he looked, odds of succeeding were against him. Jimmy Butler came into the NBA already a proven warrior. A winner in life, with the cards constantly stacked up against him Jimmy prevailed. He prevailed and was a better person for that. Now in his third season in the NBA Jimmy is fighting to be the starting SG of the Chicago Bulls. I say fighting not because of what coaches or fans think. I say fighting because that’s Jimmy’s mindset, he never takes anything for granted. Work for what you want and take everything one day at a time. Nothing is handed to you, you have to earn it. That is the Jimmy Butler way.

In a recent interview with NBA.com Jimmy says

“I feel like I’m not a starter yet,” Jimmy says. “The season isn’t here yet and I still need to work my tail off for the rest of the off season, go into training camp, play hard and do what I’m supposed to do. Coach Thibs and the management will do whatever they think it takes to help us win. Whether that means me as a starter or coming off the bench, whatever it may be, I’m comfortable with it. I just want to win games.”

The heart and mindset of a man possessed. Possessed to be great, being and NBA player isn’t enough he wants people to not remember him for his story growing up. He never asked anyone to feel sorry for him, and always kept his story out of the limelight for years. He wants to be remembered as a great NBA player and will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens.

“I’m working on everything, my game’s not perfect in any area, so why stop working on one over another? I’m definitely spending time on my three-point shot, because with Derrick back, teams are going to double team him. So we’ve got to be able to open the floor for him. I’m working on some mid-post work, for when I’m going up against a smaller two guard or small forward. You’ve got to be able to score from every point on the floor. And a lot of ball handing, so I can be the secondary ball handler. That’s also important.”

So for all of you Bulls fans out there wondering who the #2 guy is going to be this upcoming season to help DRose bring a title back to Chicago. Judging by this young man’s mindset and desire, I’d be willing to bet Jimmy Butler will fill that role just fine.

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Source: Kurt Helin NBCsports.com

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