Hinrich for Rush Yay or Nay?

NBA: Chicago Bulls at New Orleans HornetsThis may be just another dumb rumor made up by a 40-year old virgin in his mother’s basement, however I though I’d discuss this because it’s actually possible and to some may make sense.  So how does Kirk Hinrich for Brandon Rush make you feel? I know Captain Kirk can do no wrong and plays D with the “heart and passion” that Bulls fans love, but let me explain why I think this could be a favorable trade for both parties involved.

Advantages for Utah:

Utah is in shambles when it comes to the Point Guard position. They may have thought they drafted their future PG in Trey Burk, but after his horrendous performance in Summer League, Utah has its doubts. Coming out of Michigan we all knew he was undersized and not exactly explosive, but he really struggled with his shot in the Summer League games.  Burke shot a measly 24 percent from the field, including 1 of 19 from beyond the ark. Now they have a couple vets in Jamaal Tinsley and good ole John Lucas III, but they can’t run the offense like Hinrich can.

With Rose out Hinrich led the Bulls with 5.2 assist. He did this in limited action around 30 min per game. The Captain also shot almost 40 percent from 3. I think he can share his knowledge of the NBA to help Burke and at times play alongside of him at the 2 much like he did with Rose. He’s also known to play a little D, but let’s not confuse effort with accomplishment. He tries hard which makes it appear he’s a better defender than he is, but nonetheless is still an above-average defender at 6’4 with a wingspan of 6’6. Win for Utah.

Advantages for Chicago:

Brandon Rush will provide another shooter for the Chicago Bulls, something they were horrible at last season. They could use him in a number of different ways. If the Bulls choose to move Deng’s expiring contract then they can move Butler to his more natural position and Rush can start at the 2. He’ll provide the type of perimeter defense Coach Thibs loves. If not, he simply becomes a great bench option to back up the 2. They can also get him on the floor with Dunleavy, which will give the Bulls 2 guys who shoot over 40 percent from beyond the arc! Talk about spacing the floor for Rose, huh?! Teams will be forced to pick their poison – much like the NBA has to do with the way James and the Heat space the floor.

Like the rest of Chicago, I’ll miss Hinrich. But the bulls are stacked at this position. The main reason that gives me confidence about a move like this is the emergence of Marquis Teague. Chicagoans swear he’s the next best thing since sliced bread. I on the other hand am more reserved when it comes to my love for Teague. He did have a great Summer League outing but needs the chance to prove that he can duplicate that performance at this level. He already has the speed and ability to beat his man and create for others. All reports say he’s been working on his jumper, but with Kirk here and the possibility of Mike James signing on, when does Teague get his chance?

This move gives the Bulls what they need – a long defender that can shoot the ball from long range. It also provides Teague with the chance to be Rose’s back up. And if they can sign Mike James this move makes even more sense. James had a good year in Dallas last season. Win for Chicago.

Will is Co-host of BullsZone a weekly Chicago Bulls podcast. Follow him on Twitter @BullsZoneWill


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