The new DRose Rule

Sharondelphia / Foter / CC BY-SA

As we all know and will never forget Derrick Rose has been absent from an NBA game for 18 months. After missing all of last season to recover from his torn ACL he was criticized left and right for just about every move he made. Every decision was the wrong one. Fans questioned everything from the thinking behind #TheReturn campaign, to his comments by his brother, all the way to his toughness and heart for the game of basketball. Most of that would and could have been cleared up if he would have just done one thing, talk. Talk to the media, express to the fans how your feeling, what is going on, and what they should be expecting from you.

Derrick chose not to. He stayed out of the spotlight, trying not to become a distraction for the team and working on his comeback. He wanted to keep his mind and could care less what everyone thought about him. He will be the last player who suffers from a major injury, that will be able to “stay out of the spotlight”. There is a new rule in place, a Derrick Rose rule if you will.

The old rules required players to be available at the morning shootaround and before the game, though most picked only one and some did neither. Now, they can choose one, but if their team doesn’t hold a morning workout, they will be required to be available at pregame if requested.

Players frequently didn’t talk when injured, and in the case of recent late-season injuries to Derrick Rose and Kevin Garnett, their teams’ seasons ended before they ever spoke to reporters after getting hurt. The new rules require a player with a long-term injury to meet with the media within a week of the diagnosis, if medically possible, and speak once a week after he returns to practice, even if he hasn’t resumed playing in games. From Brian Mahoney at the Associated Press:

Along with this rule players only have to be available 30 minutes prior to tip off instead of the 45 minute alloted before. Also, either 15 minutes before or after practice will be open to the media instead of 30. The final change to the 30 year old rule, players must be available within 45 minutes after the game.

This is the second rule to be named after Derrick. The first rule was brought to life with new CBA to allow franchise-level players to receive a higher maximum salary starting in their fifth year in the league. These players now can receive the same maximum salary as a player with seven years in the league. In order to qualify, the player must meet specific eligibility requirements — he must have been the Most Valuable Player at least once, been named to an All-NBA first, second or third team twice, or been voted in as an All-Star starter twice.


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  1. I don’t know why people keep on criticizing him. If they would be on DRose place, they would know how it feels to suffer from a serious injury.


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