Derrick Rose has “it”

nba-mvp-derrick-rose-wallpaper4.jpgDerrick Rose has it. “It” is very rare and can only be found in the DNA of a select few. You might find “it” in guys such as Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, but the list is very short and not debatable. “It” comes with a lot of responsibility and carries a load so large only the special ones can carry. “It” is the will-to-win and, most importantly, that killer instinct.

“It” recently came up on the Bulls Zone podcast’s Episode 17. @BullsZoneJason mentioned LeBron James didn’t have “it” like Rose does and only after bickering back and forth did he finally explain what in the hell “it” was.  Although I’m still not sure where I stand on this issue, I’d say given his long list of accomplishments, James has done pretty well for himself with or without “it”.

Anyhow, I digress back to Chicago’s “Chosen One,” Derrick Rose.

For those that doubt this young superstar’s killer instinct, just ask his mother, Brenda. In a recent interview with Chicago Tribune’s KC Johnson, Rose says:

“I’m a guy where whoever is on the court, I’m going to go at them,” Derrick said. “If it’s my teammates … it could be my mom on the court. She’s going to get killed. I couldn’t care less. For me, I’m just trying to build that mentality that I don’t care who is out there. I’m going to play the same way.”

Ahh, music to Bulls fans ears. Well, the smart fans that haven’t jumped ship on Rose, knew all along he had that killer instinct in him. We’ve watched him mentally and physically abuse whoever has the daunting task of trying to guard him. We can all see that look in his eye when he’s planning on dissecting the opposing defense as if he’s a notorious surgeon holding the world’s sharpest scalpel. And it brings me joy to see him do so.

Am I a bad person for feeling so much excitement at the expense of one of Rose’s victims? Is it a crime to find a killer so exhilarating? Because that’s exactly what Rose is. He’s a killer on the court and I can’t wait to see his victims beg for mercy.

Here’s what Twitter has to say:

Will is co-host of BullsZone, a weekly Podcast on the Chicago Bulls. Follow him on Twitter @BullsZoneWill


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  1. Rose certainly has ‘IT’. He seems to enjoy showing the NBA and it’s media & fans that he has what it takes to be at the top of the league. Asking why can’t he be MVP showed he is willing to take risks and proved that he deserves to be one of the greatest players to don a Bulls jersey. His comeback will be big!


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