Bulls Zone Episode 19- Aggrey Sam

bz100Aggrey Sam joins us on this special edition of the Bulls Zone. We hit him up with some of the craziest questions and Aggrey seemed to always have to answer. We talk Boozer amnesty, Deng contract, Derrick’s confidence, and Jimmy’s hair!! Check it out and don’t forget to tune in again on Monday for our regular show where we will be discussing the preseason games so far and other Bulls news! Check this show out on iTunes or TuneIn radio by searching Chicago Bulls Zone or listen to it here

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  1. Reblogged this on Hoppe Media and commented:
    I am so proud of Will Miller and Jason Hall (hosts of BullsZone on the Network). They put on hands down the best Chicago Bulls podcast out there, and one of the best sports podcast period. They have had such guests as Marc Silverman (Silvy), Chuck Swirsky, and now Aggrey Sam! Keep up the good work guys and making everybody at the Hoppe Show Network proud.


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