D-League Teague back in Chicago.

Being a married man, I hardly get to say those three words that always feel so good to say. Or those four words that feel so good to rub in another’s face after proving them wrong. Now my podcast partner and dear friend @BullsZoneJason would kindly encourage me to take the high road here but I’ll leave the “high road” for the potheads and I’ll just be myself. I was right and I told you so! Marquis Teague is a D-League point guard, even if it was for a few short hours. He was called back Tuesday morning only after veteran Mike James sprained his mcl.

So now that I’ve lifted my spirits while trying to lower others I’ll explain why the Bulls had to make this move and why he’ll be sent back after Grandpa James recovers.

Teague cannot run the offense:

I’ve never seen a point guard have so much trouble getting the ball in the post. I take that back, JL3 was worse, but you get the point. To make things worse, Teague seems not to be able to make the right read while attempting to run a pick and roll. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he also picked his dribble up all too often. His average of .8 assist per game reflect these issues. These three things are fundamentals you learn as a young boy while playing organized basketball and are all things an NBA point guard MUST be able to do.

Teague has no offense:

There were a few times opposing defenses let young Marquis Teague into the lane and he was able to finish. Congratulations, you can make a lay-up kid, would be my response. Others would proclaim he has the driving ability of DRose (@RetroDman). When you’re not on a scouting report you ought to be able to sneak in the lane here and there. Question is how’s his jump shot game? Well simply put in one word, horrible. The kid was shooting just 17% from the field this season and just 34% for his career.

Teague can’t play defense:

Enough said.


The Chicago Bulls are smarter than you and I. I’ll admit, sometimes that may be pretty hard to believe. However, if they sent Teague down to the D-League leaving just Kirk Hinrick, who carries the often injured disease virus and Grandpa James as his back-up, they must have had something brewing. And although he’s back simple because of injury at least the origination is showing that it recognizes his inabilities to perform at this level, which on its own is a relief.  I guess we’ll see if this move lit a fire under his butt. I’m guessing it hasn’t and as soon as Grandpa’s knee is fine, Teague will find himself back with the Iowa Energy where he’ll actually be able to play.

Credit to @TheBullsCharge for video.

Will is co-host of BullsZone, a weekly podcast. Follow him on Twitter @BullsZoneWill


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