Nikola Mirotic Watch

I have read and listened to damn near everything I could find on this Spanish star they call Niko. I’ve watched scouting tapes and even gone as far as to reach out to his close friends and writers from Madrid to gain knowledge and form a somewhat educated opinion on the supposed Bulls’ savior. Unfortunately none of this will matter if he doesn’t find his way to sweet home Chicago.

And so the big question still remains: Will we be seeing Mirotic in a Bulls uniform?

This week on Bulls Zone, Mike McGraw joined us to talk all things Bulls. We touched on a few hot topics, including more headache-filled Melo talk, trying our hardest to put an end to the madness, and some refreshing conversation about Nicola Mirotic.

“Mirotic is on his way over. He knows it. Bulls know it. It’s pretty much a done deal.” said McGraw on Episode 40 of the Bulls Zone.

This is exciting news for most Bulls fans. However there are skeptics out there and I can see why.

McGraw goes on to say that it will take $7-8 million to get Mirotic to Chicago, however it has also been reported by Rigas Dardalis of EuroHopps.Net that the Bulls have offered their MLE deal of 4 years at $20 million. This is where things get confusing because Mirotic is still under contract and has to be bought out. I’ve heard some talk of the Bulls getting creative and finding a way to get the MLE deal done. But how?

In hopes of answering this question I looked to none other than Aris Barkas, co-owner and editor of EuroHoops.Net.

“Niko will come.” said Barkas.

Although this was not the answer I was looking for, I think most Bulls fans (myself included) will be happy about.

Now looking at the bigger picture, Mirotic still has a huge decision to make. Does he stay in Spain where he is already idolized and established as a multiple champion and MVP? Or does he challenge himself to success in the much bigger and more athletic league, the NBA?


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