Andres Nocioni to Mirotic: “I would recommend you go to the NBA”

One time Bull and feisty Argentinian, Andres Nocioni, recently sat down with Hector Fernandez of Onda Cero radio and had some advise for Nikola Mirotic.

 “I would recommend you to go to the NBA because you can pass the train and not catch it, Europe will always be here.”

 Nocioni knows a thing or two about the city of Chicago and what it takes to be successful in the NBA. After four seasons with the Bulls he put up decent numbers and won the crowd over with his passionate play and will to win. Nocioni excelled in this league and thinks Mirotic can do the same.

 “I see perfect, I love how he plays. He is a very complete player. He can do everything. NBA players like him who are versatile fit in very well. Much will also depend on the system. He fits 100% in the philosophy of Chicago and I think that he will have a great career there,” said Nocioni about Mirotic.

 As Bulls fans we’ve watched scouting tapes on Mirotic to form our own opinions. Mine is that his game translates. We’ve heard from his friends and peers, experts and so-called experts, as well as everyone in between. Now it’s time for Mirotic to prove the haters wrong and makes guys like me look smarter than I really am.

 The NBA is ready for Mirotic, but is Mirotic ready for the NBA? If so, he has to prove it.

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