What happens if Melo and Mirotic stay?

Here we go again. It feels like 2010 all over. But now we know anything less than Plan A is a fail. As we’ve seen in the past a Plan C isn’t the answer. It’s just fool’s gold. And as fans we will not be tricked into the thinking that a Boozer 2.0 will put this team over the top. But because I believe the Bulls have a better shot at landing Melo than I do at becoming a Chippendale’s exotic dancer, I’ll go over the Plan C options.

Gordon Hayward/Restricted free agent: 16.2 points, 5.1 rebounds, 5.2 assist, 41% fg, 30% 3pt.

Personally, I have always been a bit wary of white guards or forwards because, let’s face it, they usually lack the athleticism needed to excel in those positions. (It’s ok that I say this because I’m white, right?). However, Gordy (a nickname he goes by in Utah) is quite the athlete. He has a plethora of YouTube highlights of him chasing down blocks. He is versatile, can guard multiple positions and, yes, he can jump. He crushes the white basketball stereotypes.

There was a time where the Utah Jazz would be prepared to match just about any offer to keep this guy and build around him. However after a very inefficient offensive season, those days are long gone. According to Utah Jazz reporter Spencer Durrant, who recently joined The Bulls Zone, “Anything more than 8 million would be a mistake.”

But to be fair, Gordy had to be the man in Utah. And the man he is not. He was forced to take too many shots and always found the ball in his hands with less than 5 seconds on the shot clock – a recipe for a low field goal percentage.

I like Gordon Hayward. At 24, he has a bright future and an all-around game that would fit with the Bulls. What I do not like is that 80% of his shots are jump shots. In fact, I hate it. That’s just bad basketball. And it would have to change in order to play for Thibs.

Lance Stephenson/ Free agent: 13.8 points, 7.2 rebounds, 4.6 assist, 49% fg, 35% 3pt.

Lance is not the strong character player that the Bulls usually go after. He’s emotional, competitive and a bit of a Dennis Rodman-type at times. A lot of Bulls fans are against him for that very reason. Have they forgotten how much Chicago loved the Worm? Maybe these Twitter users I’m referring to are just too young to recall Rodman kicking a camera man in the nuts. That type of behavior was forgotten and accepted as Rodman just being Rodman. Now all of the sudden fans have a problem with bad body language and pouting?

Despite being a free agent, it looks to be a sure thing that he re-signs in Indiana. Pacer insider, Corey Elliot, recently joined the Bulls Zone and talked about Stephenson’s loyalty towards Larry Bird. Elliot went on to say that Stephenson would probably takes less money to stay, “somewhere in the 6-8 million dollar range.”

Also 24 years old, his future looks bright. Stephenson is the leading rebounder at his position and shares the ball. He is a two-way player that plays hard and attacks the rim – 40% of his shots being dunks, lay ups and tip-ins. His impressive 49% field goal percentage shows Stephenson’s offensive efficiency, something the Bulls are not used to.

On our last episode of the Bulls Zone, Jason and I debated which of these two guys we would like to be our Boozer 2.0. I like Stephenson for his versatility on the basketball court. Jason is leaning the other way because of Stephenson’s character flaws. He must have hated Rodman too.

Will is co host of Bulls Zone. Follow him on Twitter @BullsZoneWill



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