Sources: Bulls may be interested in Devin Harris

According to Aggrey Sam of CSN Chicago, a league source (most likely management) says Devin Harris could be on the Bulls radar next season. It comes as no surprise that they are interested in a veteran point guard that plays defense. In fact, Harris has been credited by the Sports Day DFW in Dallas as a major reason the Mavericks forced a game 7 versus the Spurs.

So let’s get this straight; Devin Harris is a veteran point guard who struggled to shoot the ball last season but plays above average defense. So he’s basically Kirk Hinrich, right? Here’s a look at how he stacks up to Captain Kirk, and also D.J. Augustin for some good measure. 

Harris 40 20.5 0.378 0.307 4.5 2.1 7.9
Hinrich 73 29 0.393 0.351 3.9 2.6 9.1
Augustin 71 27.3 0.415 0.401 4.4 1.8 13.1


D.J. Augustin is the clear choice here but like many other point guards who’ve had the pleasure of playing under Thibs, Augustine excelled. Unfortunately this translates to him having priced himself out of a Bulls uniform. However, I’m sure he’ll entertain the idea. Here’s a quote from Augustin:

“It’s a business, you know. They definitely gave me an opportunity, I owe them a lot, and like I said, it’s not always about the money. It’s where you feel comfortable or where you fit in. I definitely want to be here and hopefully everything works out.”

Both Hinrich and Augustin have expressed their desire to return next season. And I think it’s safe to say Hinrich would take league minimum, something Augustin won’t be willing to do. The question is, will the 31 year old Harris? If so, who do you like?

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