Player Review: Kirk Hinrich


Brought in two seasons ago to back up Derrick Rose once he got healthy, Kirk Hinrich has turned into the Bulls starting PG for 90% of the Bulls games he has played in since coming back to a Bulls uniform in 2012. His 4 million dollar contract really makes him one of the more unlikable players on this team due to his salary. But, as I have said with Carlos Boozer, it’s not his fault he was offered that money, so I am going to base this review off performance. Not performance based off salary.

At the beginning it was great. Derrick was here, Kirk was coming off the bench with the second unit. He would also play along side Derrick allowing him to play off the ball, and things looked like they were starting to click. Until, you know. So once again the 33-year-old former Jayhawk was asked to become the floor general for this star-less Bulls team and keep them in playoff contention. There were stretches of games this season in which Kirk’s shooting percentage was in the low 20’s. February was just horrendous. He would finish the month with a FG percentage of 27% along with 25% from 3.

He however did a wonderful job defensively. The one thing you could count on from Kirk Hinrich night after night was playing great defensive against his opposition. He was able to get many hustle and gritty, grindy plays we all love. Well most of us do. He like many other players on this team excels at things that don’t show up on the stat sheet. Tenacity.  The defensive that gets in the oppositions head. But with Derrick down and this offense built to have the PG be the focal point, and main scorer, Kirk Hinrich wasn’t the guy you wanted to count on to get it done. The ball often became stagnant in his hands on offense. At times, he looked either lost on where he wanted to go with the ball, tried to force the issue, or play hero ball. But I think we can all agree that what he lacks offensively he tried to make up for by never backing down defensively or when physically challenged. We all knew Kirk meant business when the goggles came off.

Kirk is a free agent this upcoming season and has already made it known he wants to finish out his career a Bull. After making 8 million over the last two seasons, I can’t see the Bulls offering him anything more than a vet minimum contract. If Kirk decides to take that offer, I would gladly accept him back on this team. That is of course, the Bulls can’t talk D.J. into staying.

2013-14 Stats:    29 MPG     39% FG     35% 3pt     2.6 TRB     3.9 APG      9.1PPG


Season Highlight:



Season’s Worst:




Grade: C


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