Should Bulls trade Noah for #1 pick?


With a talented young team that has been unable to reach the playoffs since the departure of LeBron James, the Cavs seem to be done with the rebuilding stage. They traded for Loul Deng mid-season in hopes that the savvy vet would help them reach the playoffs. But after finishing 9th in the East, they took their 1.7% chances at getting the top pick in this upcoming Draft Lottery and won. If Cleveland decides to use this pick it will be the third #1 pick since “The Decision” and fifth top 4 pick overall. However, word out of Cleveland is they will forgo this top pick in an effort to get better now, rather than later.

Chad Ford of ESPN reports that Cleveland wants an All-Star big in return,

“I think the Cavs are the most interested in trading the pick. The Bucks and Sixers are in a rebuild and highly value those picks they have. The Cavs are going to want a youngish veteran All-Star in return. Kevin Love is the obvious choice here. Joakim Noah. LaMarcus Aldridge. Al Horford. That’s what it is going to take.”

Joakim Noah huh?wiggins

So the question becomes, do the Bulls make this move if the Cavs so do decide to approach them with this trade offer? From knowing this front office, and how the Bulls seem so close to making a legit title run, my answer is no. Sure Wiggins or Parker would be an unbelievable teammate for years to come with Derrick Rose. But, lets face it, the Bulls are no longer Derrick Rose’s team. This is Joakim Noah’s team, no matter what he or anybody else tries to tell you. Chicago would look for a little more in order to move the heart and soul of this team. After coming off a career year not only stat wise, but health wise, there is absolutely no way the DPOY gets traded for an unproven #1 draft pick. It may sound crazy to some that the Bulls would pass on an offer to get a potential superstar, but the key word there is potential. For a team that is so close to becoming the talented team they were in the 2010-11 season, there is no way they go through this small rebuilding stage and get rid of Noah.

Not only would the front office be against this move, but Tom Thibodeau would be livid if another key member of this team gets traded away. After the Loul Deng trade and he was left with scraps to basically fail this past season, Thibs did everything in his power to go against what seemed like the GarPax mindset to tank. He fought, scratched, and clawed this team into the playoffs only to run out of gas in the first round to the Wizards. To think of how upset Thibs would be is nothing, compared to what would be Noah’s reaction. Livid would be an understatement.






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