Jimmy Butler unhappy with offense


Jimmy Butler coming off a season in which it seemed like he took a step back offensively, was recently said to have been unhappy after Game 2 vs Washington. Unhappy enough to meet with Thibs. Joe Cowley reported a few weeks ago of Jimmy’s unhappiness. With many taking this as him being unhappy with Thibs, we had Cowley on the Bulls Zone recently to clarify this report,

“It wasn’t that he was unhappy with Thibs, it was when D.J. Augustin and Kirk Hinrich were on the floor together. I don’t think Thibs had much to do with it”, said Cowley. “It was more about D.J. and it really wasn’t D.J.’s fault, because, basically he’s been told very simply when he’s in there, especially in the 4th quarter there’s gonna be a lot of pick and roll with he and Joakim. So, the problem I think with DJ is that he got so kinda just, tunnel visioned with that he would forget, especially when Jimmy was open in the corner, you know that’s his spot, that 3-pointer in the corner. That got lost a lot in the offense. I don’t think it has to do with Thibs. Jimmy wanted to talk to Thibs about it, and make sure they were on the same page. And think we saw the results after the first two games against the Wizards, Jimmy felt like he was just kinda being forgotten.”

jimmy-butler-adidas-rose-773-lightLet’s face it, Jimmy and offense this year hardly went together in the same sentence. After finishing the season as a 37% FG shooting and just 28% from behind the arc, it’s crazy to think Jimmy had much of an argument that the 2 key components of this offense were “forgetting” about the 28% 3 point shooter who was left open in the corner. Although, after the talk with Thibs, Butler went from shooting 0% (0-4) from 3 in the first 2 games to an improved 37% (6-16) 3 pt shooter.

With the offseason upon us, all Bulls fans, including Jimmy’s teammates are hoping this young elite defender, is working on his shot and ability to get to the bucket. Something we were all told he worked on last offseason. The good thing about Jimmy, is he is a gym rat and isn’t particularly happy with his performance offensively this past season.

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