Bulls trade for McDermott


He’s been talked about around the organization for weeks now. Doug McDermott was the #1 target for the Bulls going into Thursday nights draft in Brooklyn. With trades already being pushed through, it seemed that the Bulls would once again start off the offseason quiet, and non-aggressive. Arron Afflalo being traded for pennies on the dollar. A guy the Bulls seemed to be very interested in, just slips away. Carmelo Anthony, their plan A, is seeming to slip farther and farther out of reach with Houston trading away Asik for cap space in order to be able to offer a max deal. As the draft approached one had to wonder if the Bulls would stay stagnant in yet another offseason.

With the Bulls main need this upcoming season being a shooter, and a big, Bulls fans were under the impression that Chicago would use both picks to add one of the two. Perhaps stashing the other pick overseas. On most mock drafts it looked as if Doug McDermott would go between 8-10 and with Chicago unable to crack into the top 10 with any type of trade rumors. Hope to land the Creighton star seemed bleak. We were all aware that the offer for Chicago to move to the #11 spot in the draft was on the table from earlier reports leading up to the draft. The Bulls didn’t seem to feel McDermott would be there and pressed forward their attempts to crack the top 10. Offering up both 2014 1st round picks, possibly future picks, as well as Tony Snell to try to get something done. Obviously a deal was unable to be attained.

With every pick after Nik Stauskus at #8 it seemed the Bulls would miss out on both of their top 2 guys if McDermott were to follow to soon. But after slipping to #11 and the Denver Nuggets called his name, you had to know that the Bulls would be in serious play, if it wasn’t already agreed upon, for McDermott. Especially since he never once worked out for the Denver Nuggets according to McDermott in his interview after being selected.

With the trade the Chicago Bulls sent the 16th and 19th picks of this years draft, who turned out to be Jusuf Nurkic and Gary Harris, along with a 2015 2nd round pick. The Bulls received Creighton senior Doug McDermott as well as PF Anthony Randolph. Randolph is set to make $1.8M next season, but chances are, he will be packaged in a sign and trade should the Bulls go after lets say, I don’t know. Melo? Randolph’s salary is absorbed by the $2.025M trade exception the Bulls received from the Loul Deng trade earlier this year.

This is just the beginning in what is shaping out to be an aggressive offseason by the Bulls. Something fans can’t honestly say they are used to. Chicago has been all over rumor mills so far this offseason, and with free agency right around the corner, draft night was a nice warm up of things to come.


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