Mirotic will play in the NBA next season (Article from Spain translated)

In a recent article published by 24segundosenblanco, a media outlet for Real Madrid basketball, they claim that “Mirotic is headed to the NBA” and “his departure is imminent”. Here’s the article translated in English:


Mirotic will play next season in the NBA

published by Bricepinkfloyd on 27 June, 2014 – 13:07

 One of the first consequences of this conflict last month of the season Real Madrid will be the departure of Nikola Mirotic to NBA. If 1 month ago the situation was very favorable so the Montenegrin continue wearing the Real Madrid shirt next season (the player himself said in private the club its intention to continue), the latest developments and conflicts have led to his departure to the U.S. is imminent.


From internal conflicts of costumes to a poor strategy of the club in negotiating the continuity of the player. The club had been months with 2, 5M of clause of escape from the contract of Niko to probe possible substitutes without working in the simplest solution of all: the renewal of the contract of Niko Mirotic. The obstacle was not economical. Thus, from the sports section address already have been probed several players to replace Niko.

 In short, Real Madrid loses out with his departure.


 This opinion is supported by a lot of media throughout Spain. This may come as a surprise to American media members and fans set on signing Anthony but if Bulls are able to use a sign and trade to get him here they’ll still have their MLE, which could be used on Mirotic. So to those who have their little hearts set on a big splash, this may not mean the end to those dreams. It does however make it more difficult to turn those dreams into a reality. Don’t jump off the cliff just yet.


P.S. We were told he’d really like to wear #12. Sorry Kirk.

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