Report: Mirotic is a confirmed departure from Real Madrid


Numerous reports, as well as the one translated by Will Miller yesterday, has Mirotic coming to the NBA this upcoming season. With troubles within the club and possibly the firing of coach Pablo Laso, Real Madrid is a complete disaster right now. A disaster in which Mirotic wants out of. With the Bulls owning his rights and wanting the European star to come over this year, it seems the latest turmoil has pushed the envelope in making the decision for Mirotic’s to exit Real Madrid.


Translation: “On Thursday, Mirotic played his last game with the Madrid shirt. NBA operation in March. Next week he travels to the United States.”


With a loss to Barcelona in the Final Four, Mirotic played in his final game for his Euroleague team. With the Bulls able to pay $600,000 toward his buyout, Nikola Mirotic will have to pay the remaining $2.4M of his $3M buyout from Real Madrid. A lot of emphasis has been put on Mirotic and the Bulls decision waiting on what happens on the upcoming weeks of free agency. But, from the sounds of everything coming from overseas, Mirotic has made up his mind. A $2.4M buyout from his former team is worth it for him to make the jump this season. Madrid could play nice in this situation and allow Mirotic to pay that amount over a stretch of a few years. Making it easier for Mirotic to transition himself in the states.

Nikola seemed to fall off just a bit toward the end of the season in his production levels. He went from being the 2nd scoring option to the 4th scoring option on the team. Many think his production level went down because he had NBA-land on his mind. Others blame the coach for play calling and his gameplan. Real Madrid President Florentino Perez has lost faith and trust in head coach Pablo Laso and has called for his departure.


Translation: “Real Madrid (4). 3 confirmed departures: Mirotic, Draper and Dani Díez. If it continues Pablo Laso, could make more. Darden is essential for it.”


You read that right, “confirmed departure”. So now, for arguably the best player in the world outside of the NBA, the question no longer remains, when will Mirotic come to the NBA. The new question will be, how much will the Bulls be signing him for this upcoming season? That is, as long as he is not involved in some sort of sign and trade for a big name NBA star.


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