Report: Bulls in L.A. to meet with Gasol not Melo

After 9 hours of trying to woo Carmelo Anthony into coming to the Windy City, Bulls brass, along with Joakim Noah, are now on to Plan B. Today they find themselves in the bougie city of Los Angeles to speak the with 34-year-old Spanaird, Pau Gasol. Despite what Twitterverse says; Bulls and Noah are not there to stalk Carmelo Anthony, who just so happens to be visiting the Lakers today as well. 

In 60 games this past season, Gasol averaged 17.4 points, 9.7 rebounds and 3.4 assist. With numbers like that, along with the rumor that he’ll take far less than the 19 million he made last year to join a contender, let’s just say he’s drawing a lot of interest from multiple teams. Wednesday, the Oklahoma City Thunder along with their two stars, Durant and Westbrook, sat down with Pau. No sub-tweet needed here in order to have one star join the other to participate. With the possibility of playing with two All-Stars, one if them being the MVP, the Thunder only have that about 5 million to offer Pau as part of their pitch. It may take a little more to persuade him at this stage of his career. 

 The Bulls have already informed Boozer that he’ll fall victim to the amnesty provision. So, if Melo decides to stay in New York, which I personally think he will, the Bulls will have around 11 million to play with. A front court depth of Noah, Gibson, and Gasol, could prove to be one of, if not the best front courts in the league.

In my opinion the Gasol thing just doesn’t add up though. Gibson has been led to believe he’ll start this season and then, oh yeah, there’s the whole Nikola Mirotic thing. According to Mirotic himself and the entire Real Madrid media, he’s on his way here. And according to a source close to Mirotic: “Niko likes the idea of Pau in Chicago”. 

Bottom line is whether we understand their mindset or not, the Bulls have their ducks in a row. Pau Gasol is the next name on their ever changing to do list. Whether you or I agree with it or not, the fate of this teams future rests in their hands.

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