Love is All You Need…Maybe?

Love is why I’m here in the first place. 30 years deep in it. All of it. A love before I even knew the idea of it let alone IT. All the highs with Rings and all the lows of a 30 year long distance relationship. One that never really returns the love but keeps you around because it lets you watch all you want. And Youtube it in case you forgot. Maybe I’m loyal to a fault, or maybe I’m just high on this Bulls team, but I admit: I’m feeling it all over again this summer….y o u t u b e . com/der…

Old habits die hard. The last 3 years I’ve had to Youtube Derrick Rose so many times it’s become an almost nervous tick at different times for different reasons. Promising victories, frustrating losses, killing streaks, and watching others win are all reasons that have driven me to Youtube binge on Rose. A lot of times it’s simply to reassure myself that this magical young player existed that let our imaginations soar with the promise of his potential seeming capable to carry our beloved Bulls over the top. It’s all there, caught on tape. The origin story, the growth of the core of the team from a 1.7% chance as it Rose to contender status. The greatest rookie playoff debut only equaled by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the epic Celtics first-round series in 2009 (IMO the literal, isolated best playoff “series” ever, stakes aside). The Noah steal-and-dunk on the Truth, Lebron’s lame sideline dancing, the Noah-Lebron free throw beef, the Rose MVP chants, and…..y o u t u b e .com/derri

Seriously Bulls fans! Why do 9 out of every 10 Derrick Rose “Return” fan-made highlight videos need to start with footage of The Injury?! Part 1 or 2? In slow-motion? It was like every Rose video was made by a Rocky die-hard or sadist. I started to believe I’d soon be watching Rose trying to get up off the court with Chumba Wumba (} playing on it. It really sucked trying to watch Rose highlights without that old heartbreak stinging again. Jerks. Nevermind. I take it all back because if I ever had a bad day the last 3 years….y o u t u b e .com/derrick

Although I’ve loved the Bulls teams the last 3 seasons for all their grit and guts (cough) as much as Thibs does, I was pretty sure he was just trying to make me feel better by saying “We have more than enough to win”. I think we can finally be justifiably excited and allowed to have great expectations with this year’s team and the effort by the front office. The offensive firepower added has been inspiring, and they might not be done with the rumors of renewed trade talks for Love (Great job by Jason & Will on the Joe Cowley interview on the latest Bulls Zone show). We all missed out on the ill-fated rivalry with the HollywoodasHell Heat which would have been amazing basketball. I’m more optimistic than most so I am very pleasantly surprised to see the respect Rose earned around the league in his short career so far. It was earned on the court having Ben Gordon as his only perimeter help with a dribble and a shot- for exactly ONE  year. It is a testament to his transcendent athletic ability and talent only matched by Russell Westbrook at the PG position in perhaps the history of the position. Luckily, Love spends summers with Rose working out and as we all know would like to hook up. It makes me wonder if these latest round of rumors is a last ditch effort by Rose to make a push for his former AAU friend before the nemesis Lebron gets what he wants again. It’s seems only right that now Rose and Lebron might be going head to head again in any recruitment of Love.

The nightmare of the 2011 series loss with the symbolic double team on the Rose 3pt attempt still spurs (had to) their personal MVP rivalry . We were all robbed of epic series against the Heat, considering the last 2 seasons Rose was healthy the Bulls earned the top playoff seed. This season Rose will not be so liberally double-teamed on the perimeter anymore. GarPax have provided him with tall shooters and more offensive weapons than he’s ever had. A top of the key Rose-Noah pick n roll flanked by three 6’8″ or taller white dudes shooting the 3 has the potential to be the scariest lineup for opposing defenses this side of the Alamo. I’m only half-joking when you consider the almost 6’8″ Doug McDermott, 6’9″ Mike Dunleavy, and 6’10” Nikola Mirotic. Fair or not, I do believe the steroetype of the white sharpshooter (of course, it must be earned with makes) will strike fear in defenders trying to cheat into the lane on Rose drives to the hoop. It’s the Kyle Korver effect which temporarily occupies defenders’ peripheral vision locked on the reputation of the shooter.This is common knowledge as it pertains to the 3pt shot, but I’m speaking specifically to our guys in late game situations where that factor in addition to their length and high release point will enhance open looks. I’ve been high on Tony Snell’s beautiful shooting form since he was drafted, Jimmy should improve with Rose, and an Aaron Brooks hot streak can happen as quick as Nate with the added bonus of playmaking skills. All that before even mentioning the Spaniard, Pau Gasol, with the most complete post game since perhaps Kevin McHale, and all his playmaking skills. Let’s hope his mentoring skills are as effective and facilitate a quick, successful transition for Niko. I even expect Cameron Bairstow to have some moments in the long season since he plays like a Bull in a China shop that can set wide body picks and seems relentless like Joakim Noah. Oh, and we have the “Captain” back too.

This roster is worth its recent praise, and Bulls fans should probably start sending Stacey King  suggestions so he gets the nicknames right (Buckets?). Still, there is a chance at Love maybe, and you can just imagine what Sky King will come up with if that happens. Skin crawling stuff. I can see both Bulls rosters with or without Love winning it all. I’m sure Lebron sees Love as a quick fix to seriously contend sooner than later. I’m also 50% sure that Rose is in California with Love this week getting ready for Team USA and discussing future scenarios. You have to respect Rose for insisting he can with anyone on his team, and league analysts for recognizing his potential for it. Lebron has had the luxury of building his teams. Ultimately, I believe Rose will have the ball at the top of the key with the taller Lebron guarding him in the Eastern Conference Finals. Only this time the double team won’t be able to help Lebron as easily with the new team around Rose. Ask Tony Parker. It will be very difficult to disrupt this new current roster. Either way, Thibs might finally really have enough to win. I can’t complain anymore, we might not need Love anyway….maybe.

Suggestions Box:

The following are my suggestions for film review for each player on the proposed roster as it stands. Each draft I’ve watched since the late 80’s I’ve always tried to pinpoint a player that a rookie should try to emulate to improve their game. However, players should be like Mike and try to improve as well as add to their game each summer. I’m talking A Clockwork Orange type brainwashing film sessions. Most of it is based on skill set similarities, size, and athletic potential.

Derrick Rose: John Stockton/ Tim Hardaway

Hardaway for his handles. We know Rose is very well aware how to use his amazing physical gifts to create and score in ways few ever have. I am sure he’s dedicated time on his long range jumpers. I would love for him to study Stockton’s pick n roll work and defensive footwork, as well as handywork which should allow Rose to start adding more steals to his stat line next season. Not to mention one man fast break highlight dunks. Sigh. I miss him…..y o u t u b e .com/derrickrose

Jimmy Butler: Bruce Bowen/ Latrell Sprewell

We know Jimmy STOPS Buckets, how about getting some? The Bowen suggestion is obvious in that the corner 3 is Jimmy’s best spot. I’m convinced watching Sprewell an hour a day will light a fire in Jimmy.

Doug McDermott: Mike Miller/ Dan Majerle

Young Mike Miller, of course. The hope being he can expand his perimeter game. McD is a coach’s son and well-schooled. He will only need try to match Thunder Dan’s intensity on defefense.

Niko Mirotic: Detlef Schrempf/ Kevin Love

Pretty sure he’s studied Dirk, but Schrempf was slithery so Niko might benefit from his footwork, and Love for his positioning prowess.

Joakim Noah: Bill Walton/ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Defense is set, just needs a little more refinement on offense, and hopefully a more consistent skyhook.

Taj Gibson: Kevin Garnett

Similar build, but potentially similar offense as in KG’s Celtics days with Thibs connection.

Aaron Brooks: Nate Robinson/ DJ Augustin


Kirk Hinrich: Steve Kerr/ Craig Hodges


Cameron Bairstow: Dennis Rodman/ Brad Miller

Go Nuts. Miller’s passing game skills were excellent.

Tony Snell: Paul George/ Latrell Sprewell

Kill two birds with one stone. Offense and defense while also film prep for Indiana. Sprewell for the same reasons as Jimmy, although he might get tempted to bring nack the cornrows. Hmm..

Pau Gasol: Marc Gasol

Defensive purposes, motivation.

Mike Dunleavy: Mike Dunleavy

You do what you do Mike D. Maybe some Kyle Korver action.

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