Rose and his first day highlights of Team USA practice

Rose and Thibs discussing in hallway before first Team USA practice (Photo: USA Basketball)

Rose and Thibs discussing in hallway before first Team USA practice (Photo: USA Basketball)

By: Jason Hall/July 28th, 2014


Sure it’s a few Vine or Instagram video clips, 6 seconds here 15 seconds there, but it’s all that was needed to send the social media world into a Derrick Rose frenzy. After being kept out of the public eye since late November, NBA fans were able to see a quick peek on what the Windy City Assassin has in store for them this upcoming season.

Rose interviews before taking the court to give a breakdown of how he is preparing himself to take center stage again in the NBA.


A quick low key inbound play quickly turns heads as Rose not only throws down the two-handed dunk but catches some air we haven’t seen since 2011-12 season


A full clip of today’s activties from Rose, including his impressive And1 shot after splitting the defense for the Rose-like finish.


Post practice comments from Rose on how special of a player he thinks he is.


With all the videos, the hype, the expectations, let’s all keep one thing in mind. This 25yr old former MVP is coming off of two major knee surgeries. Competing for a roster spot on this summer’s Team USA ball club isn’t the ultimate goal here. Whether Derrick makes the team or not, the one thing all Bulls fans and Derrick Rose fans need to keep in mind is his health and rust. If he can manage the two of those throughout the season, then this will be a special season for Chicago, no matter the outcome of his roster spot for Team USA.


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