Jimmy Butler wins Player of the Month

thHe spent his summer away to clear his head. He lost weight, got quicker, added a jumper, and stayed hungry for success. Renting a house in his hometown of Tomball, TX, Jimmy Butler and his friends went through the summer with no cable, no internet, no furniture, just basketball. There were no talks this offseason on what Jimmy would improve on, no false hope given to the fan base on a better jump shot or better handles. Jimmy instead, let his actions do the talking. So far this season, he has been the Bulls Most Valuable Player. The NBA announced the Eastern Conference Player of the Month, and for the first time in his career, Jimmy Bulter’s name was called out. He finished this first month of basketball averaging, 21.9 points 5.7 rebounds, 3.1 assist, along with 1.5 steals per game. Butler leads the league in MPG (39.8), however that shouldn’t be of surprise given the amount of love Tom Thibodeau has for his rising star. In the month of November, Butler was able to score his career high 32 points on two separate occasions, carrying this team while other leaders like, Rose, Noah, and Gasol, have all missed time due to injury on the dreaded Circus Trip. Huge improvements have shown in the first 16 games this season for Jimmy Butler, his ability to get to the rim, He is among the lead leaders in FT’s attempted per game as he has improved drastically in the ball-handling department. Some of that is a result of his hard work this summer, but a lot of it has to do with his confidence. Last season, Jimmy was famous for two dribbles and picking the ball up without anything to do with it. This season, Jimmy keeps his dribble alive and as a result good things are coming his way. With Rose either out, or on the bench getting a breather, Chicago now has another go to guy. Someone they can run their offense through consistently. Coming in to this season Jimmy just wanted to be on teams scouting reports, even he is surprised on what he’s been able to accomplish knowing teams are now putting a game plan together to stop him. However, only one team so far has been successful at keeping Jimmy in single digit scoring so far this year. Portland held Jimmy to just nine points on 3-13 shooting. His shooting percentage is off the charts in comparison to the past year. Up 10% overall in FG percentage from 39% last season to now a nice comforting 49%. While his 3-point percentage is still at 28% the Player of the Month is averaging only 2.6 per game and has increased his two-point shots to 11.8 attempts per game. So relying on the 3-pointer is not something Jimmy is guilty of. Overall, Jimmy’s numbers are up, and so is the Bulls offensive output. It was a question just a few months ago as to who the shooting guard of the future would be for the Bulls. After the very first month of this young NBA season, it looks like the Bulls didn’t have to go out and find their future shooting guard, he’s been there all along. Lurking in the shadows.

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