Derrick Rose now on the attack?

"Every night it's not going to be my night, and I just got to live with that. I'm human."

“Every night it’s not going to be my night, and I just got to live with that. I’m human.”


By: Jason Hall


After Rose’s less than stellar play of late, Thibs had, had enough. Tom Thibodeau who has been very vocal all season about Rose, and him needing to just “get out there and play”, brought up another issue of Derrick’s.

“He’s got to attack. That’s the bottom line. All I know is when he’s pushing the ball up the floor and attacking, that’s who he is,” Thibs said of Rose. “He can’t defer. He can’t pace himself. He’s gotta go. That’s the big thing. He’s gotta go.’’

Tom is referring to Rose’s shot selection. Since returning from his injured hamstring, Rose has shot the ball 102 times in 8 games. A shocking 56 of those shots, have been from behind the arc. That equates to 55% of the shots Rose has been taking, are 3-point attempts. He is shooting 30.3% from behind the arc since returning from injury. Which is par for his season average.

However, Wednesday night against the Nets at home, we all saw a different Rose. For the first time since Toronto, Rose looked hungry, aggressive, and fully in attack mode. He would get his night going early by attacking. Having his way with the lesser player in Deron Williams trying to stop “Chicago’s own”. Rose would finish the game with 23 points, on 8/15 shooting and 3/7 from 3-point range. For the first time since returning from injury, Rose didn’t wait for his 3-point shot to go down in order to get going. Instead Rose listened to his coach, and attacked, using that approach to get his game going, which opened up 3-point attempts.

After the game Rose seemed to have his confidence he’s shown throughout the past few years.


Whenever Thibs has had something to say in regards to Derrick and his game, when Rose hears it, it’s as if he processes it like they are words that come from a disappointed parent. When Thibs said after Denver that Rose has to string games together, and that’s all there is to it, well, Rose strung games together. Eight to be exact. Now with Rose settling for the 3, Thibs calls him out and tells him he needs to “quit deferring”. So Rose, stops “deferring”.

With this process of Rose coming back just in the beginning stages, it’s clear that this will in fact be a bumpy road to recovery. Rose needs to listen to the medical staff, and most importantly his coach. Let’s face it, there isn’t a blueprint on how to successfully return a MVP caliber player back to Super-Stardom after missing 2 seasons to major knee injuries. But, it seems if any one knows what they are doing in this process, it’s Thibs. He’s the one barking orders to Derrick lately. When Derrick has listened, the Bulls, and Chicago have reaped the benefits.

It seems that whenever Rose is in the hands of the organization, good things come out of it. When he listens to the whispers coming from the corner, that’s when he seems to make bad decisions. This team and the organization has their best interests in Rose and his future in basketball. It’s just to bad they aren’t on the same page with his camp. Who, by all accounts are more worried about meetings and graduations.

Source: Joe Cowley- Thibodeau sends message to Rose it’s ‘Go’ time



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