Melo is coming to Chicago, along with the Knicks

NBA: Chicago Bulls at New York Knicks

By: Jason Hall


For the first time since his documentary Carmelo Anthony: Made in New York launched on MSG last month, Carmelo will face off vs the Chicago Bulls. A team in which he at one point had made up his mind that he is going to play for. “The right fit,” as he claimed in his documentary.  However, the money that the Bulls were able to offer Melo couldn’t make the 7-time All-Star happy enough to sway him to the Windy City.

When asked if he had any regrets about taking the money over the chance to win a ring Melo said, “No. If I start doing that and thinking, saying what if to myself and second-guessing and questioning myself, it won’t be right. Me mentally, it won’t be right. I would not allow myself to sway towards asking myself what if this situation or that situation.”

New York is 5-22 looking for their 3rd road win of the season. Chicago, most likely will have all 5 starters back in the lineup as Joakim Noah, although listed as questionable, says he will be playing vs New York. Noah who recruited Melo over the offseason said he wasn’t bitter about Melo leaving Chicago

“I wasn’t disappointed at all,” Noah said. “I try to recruit everybody, not just Carmelo. Carmelo is a helluva player. If anybody is a free agent, usually I’m the one making the call. He made a decision that’s best for him and his family. I moved on right away. I love our team right now. If you look at all the talent we have, it’s going to be really interesting.”

Chicago was able to keep its core together after missing out on Anthony. With the addition of Pau Gasol and Nikola Mirotic, to being able to keep Mike Dunleavy and Taj Gibson in a Bulls uniform, Chicago is looking to be the team to beat in the battered and lowly Eastern Conference. As long as they can stay healthy that is. Carmelo Anthony

Mike Dunleavy realizes that it’s not always the flashy superstar that can get things done in the league, “We’ve got a pretty good team,” said Dunleavy after Wednesday’s practice. “Sometimes it’s nice to have a Bentley, but a Honda Accord will get you there as well.”

Chicago won the first match up this season in emphatically 104-80. It almost felt as if they were sending a message to Carmelo. Like a, see what you could have had, type message. With every highlight you see of a discouraged look on Anthony’s face this season, it’s hard not to wonder as a Bulls fan if in fact he is playing the “what-if” game.


Sources: CSNChicago


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