Do YOU See Red?


By: Will Miller


In April of 2009 the Chicago Bulls started the See Red playoff campaign. Fans were encouraged to cheer the Bulls on during the playoffs by wearing red and waiving around those scratchy red towels that are handed out at each home playoff game. For the record, I love this concept. But it’s taken on a whole new meaning in the horrible world of social media.

To me, now more than ever, See Red has taken on a cult-type meaning. It is more than showing your support by wearing red to home games. It has become a way of thinking. Or better yet, a way of living a false sense of fandom. Fans have become so brainwashed that they no longer believe in rational thinking, almost as if they actually see red. My idea of fandom, on the other hand, is to wear red but see clearly.

For those of you that don’t follow the Bulls Zone, we talk often about this concept. It has become quite common for these See Red culty types to judge others’ fandom as if playing God. If you so much as think a bad thought about the all mighty, humble home town kid, Derrick Rose; well, you sir or madam, are condemned as a “fake fan”.

You MUST be ok with bad decision-making and tons of turnovers. How dare you have concerns! Team defense is horrible? Well forget exposing this as bad basketball or lack of effort, but instead, insert excuse here____. Rose is making poor basketball decisions and is playing inefficiently? Don’t you dare bring up the fact that he’s playing poorly, but instead insert excuse here_____.

It’s become a sin to a world full of sinners to speak the truth about a basketball team full of men that aren’t perfect. This, to me, is very unfortunate.

Everyone has the right to showcase their fandom in whichever way they see fit. But I would encourage those who choose to ignore facts and cover up their teams’ flaws with excuses to stop. It’s just bad for the See Red brand. However the most I can do is encourage, because unfortunately there’s no law against stupidity.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not the perfect fan and I don’t try to be. But I know when my team is playing like shit. And neither you nor I should be labeled a “fake fan” by the Gods of Bulls Fans on social media for speaking the truth. As fans, and especially here in Chicago, we can all get emotional. We’re really high on the high times and really low on the low times. But we speak our feelings and don’t cover them up with a false sense of hope. We expose them. And that’s what is great about being a fan.

I could go on but at this point if you’re not picking up what I’m laying down, whelp, chances are that you are the See Red fan I’m referencing. So here’s a message to you: get off of your rainbow-riding unicorn and join us rational thinking, truthful speaking fans and leave the See Red slogan as what it should be – a Playoff campaign.

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