Rose’s injury may not be as bad as you think


By: Jason Hall


For the third time in as many seasons, Bulls fans hear the news that any basketball fan dreads. “Your star player will have knee surgery.” Although there is many speculation as to why, how, and when, Derrick Rose hurt his meniscus, one thing is certain. There is a huge lack of information right now being discussed.

Fans hear Derrick Rose, knee, and surgery, all in the same sentence and they automatically assume the worst. “Season ending injury.” The fact that Derrick has been, lets face it, not himself since the All-Star break. When I say not himself, I mean the “new” Derrick Rose. Not the old.

Before the All-Star break, the Bulls were on a 4 game winning streak and things couldn’t have looked better. The defense was clicking, offensively the Bulls were putting up big numbers, and the starting five was healthy again. During that stretch Rose looked as good as he has all year. Averaging 20 points and 7.3 assists per game. He shot 48% from the field while averaging 34 mpg. He also limited his 3 point shot attempts and looked to attack more.

Fast-forward to the Detroit game. Rose looked tired, heavy legs, rarely attacked, and was outworked by 1st time starter Sebastian Dinwiddie. Not only did Rose play that game, but he played a back to back vs the Suns and didn’t look much better, but did perform okay. Especially on a back to back. We witnessed his poor play once again in the match up vs the Milwaukee Bucks, where Rose looked hobbled, had shortened steps on his run, he looked gassed, and on several occasions he seemed to grimace.

Why do I bring these past 3 games up?

Well, it’s speculation that Rose may have injured his knee either on vacation during the break or in a practice prior to the Detroit game. If this were a serious injury, in which Rose would miss the remainder of the season, he wouldn’t have been able to string together 3 bad games. Two of which were on a back to back.

This latest news on Derrick Rose could be as much as a season ending injury due to a completely torn meniscus. Or, it could be as little as a small procedure to go in and clean up around the surgically repaired meniscus. A procedure Russell Westbrook had done 3 times before ultimately coming back for good for the Thunder.

Let’s not over react, jump off bridges, name your dog DRose, and/or cancel your NBA League Pass subscription. Giving you the optimistic view here, of potential a small cleanup, could make Rose available as soon as 4 weeks from the day of surgery.

If in fact Rose has completely torn his MCL and needs a major surgery, again, this is a new Rose. The 26-year-old that has gone through more knee surgeries than 95% of the people reading this article may have a different mindset this time around. Rose has already discussed with doctors the possibilities of having the meniscus removed if need be. This shortens his return to 6-8 weeks and still puts him back in time for post-season play.

The fact that Derrick is open to this procedure proves that he has a different type of return in mind this time around. No more off-season rehab, missed playoffs, or #Return campaigns. Derrick Rose may just have the “win now” attitude and realize the door may in fact be closing on him and this era of Bulls basketball. There has not been a more talented basketball team in Chicago since the Jordan years, and there is a strong possibility Rose isn’t going to let this latest knee scare keep him from accomplishing his ultimate goal.

Bringing a title to Chicago.


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