Rose from Concrete


The house Derrick Rose grew up in, in Englewood


By: Jason Hall




Derrick Rose is just a kid from Chicago, with damaged petals.

In 2012 Adidas released a commercial with the city of Chicago standing still as the “Hometown Kid” lay helpless on the United Center floor. As part of his Return campaign to get fans excited for his return to basketball. Not knowing the extent of the damage that fall would cause Rose and his basketball career. Not only physically, but mentally.

The Adidas commercial became a commercial we all as Bulls fans could relate to. Whether you were from Chicago, or from the Netherlands, we all had one thing in common. Our MVP had fallen, and we felt just as helpless as he did. Without the pain.

Powerade took the reigns for the latest saga in the Rose injury debacle. Releasing the “Rose from concrete” commercial based on a young Derrick Rose riding his bicycle through Englewood on his way to the United Center. During the commercial there is a familiar voice. The voice of Tupac siting the words from a page from his autobiography, “The Rose that Grew from Concrete”.

As the younger Rose rides through the streets, he arrives at the UC, the commercial then cuts to the inside of the arena as Rose makes his way onto the court. Drinking the same blue Powerade that the younger Derrick Rose packed in his backpack at the start of the commercial.

The message here is people shouldn’t ask why Rose made it to where he is today, based off where he came from. We as society should celebrate how this kid, with no foundation on how to succeed in life, with almost no hope of survival, saw his dream. Instead of giving up on that dream, because he isn’t from a place where being successful is common theme. Rose fought through it. He reached for his goal. Accomplishing what others around him weren’t able to do. He grew somewhere society didn’t expect him to grow. He became something he wasn’t supposed to be. He was a rose that grew from concrete.

So instead of asking why he was able to get to where he is, ask him how. And appreciate what he has done.



Special thanks to- Adam Marquez


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