Rose gives no timetable on his return

"Whenever I'm ready to come back, I'll come back", Says Rose to the media today

“Whenever I’m ready to come back, I’ll come back”, Says Rose to the media today


By: Jason Hall


Today Derrick Rose met with the media prior to the Bulls taking on the Memphis Grizzlies, to address his latest knee surgery and rehab. With all eyes on Derrick, there was only one question everyone wanted answered.

“Will you be returning this season?”

In a very Rose like answer, he responds with, “I think so, that’s the plan.”

Rose was given multiple opportunities to commit to coming back this season. Derrick was asked about the Bulls giving him a timeline of a return in 4-6 weeks and how he felt about that. Rose simple responded with, “Who cares, I’m not even thinking about that right now. I’m just thinking about getting the most out of everyday”.

We’ve heard that line before.

The most matter a fact answer you heard Derrick give on his return was that there was, “a good chance”.

I guess we will take that as a, yes?

This press conference Rose seemed to have the answers predetermined and no matter what questions were thrown at him, we heard the same answers. “I have to get my body right.” “Whenever I feel right, that’s when I’m gonna step back on the court.”

Rose however did shed some light on when he started to feel the discomfort. Back on January 27th, while playing the Golden State Warriors, Rose said he felt “something in there”. Although it didn’t hurt him while playing there was discomfort. Derrick informed us that he didn’t feel pain while playing. Only when doing squats, or lifting.

With Chicago sitting in the 3rd spot in the East, and with word that Jimmy will be back sooner, rather than later, this Bulls team has all eyes on Derrick’s return once again.

Rose has missed 3 straight post-seasons, and all though he failed to give a definite answer as to when or if he will return. What he has been saying behind the scenes, and the feeling around the organization is that Derrick will in fact be returning prior to the post-season.

You have to believe going into this, Rose was told, or took it upon himself, that he wouldn’t give a definite answer on his return. After the horrible P/R move 2 seasons ago, while battling back from his ACL injury, Rose took a lighter approach this time. He has let fans down in the past, and seemingly doesn’t want to make the same mistake or give a window to allow false hope on his return again.




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