The Bulls are not fans of the black jerseys or sleeves

Injuries haven't been the only issue facing the Bulls.

Injuries haven’t been the only issue facing the Bulls.

By: Jason Hall


To some, this will be the most important Bulls related article you will read for the 2014-15 Bulls season.

The black pinstriped jerseys of the Jordan era Bulls were something fans got excited for, a look that could not be replicated by any team in the NBA at the time. As a Bulls fan, you may even consider them as the all time greatest threads the NBA has seen, ever. Although I’m sure some would certainly, disagree.

Even during the era of the pinstripe, the Bulls struggled wearing the alternate look. In the 1995-96 season the Chicago Bulls had an NBA record 72 wins. Losing 10 games. In those 10 games, 5 loses came while the Bulls wore the pinstripes. They sported the look 10 times that season going 5-5. Which, is a much better record that the 2014-15 Chicago Bulls currently have.

The Chicago Bulls are 0-5 for the season while wearing their black uniforms. And 0-6 with the combo of black uniforms and the sleeves. The new age, alternate look. The Bulls took on the Memphis Grizzlies in their standard St. Patrick’s Day green festive uniforms. Although this season, they rocked them with the sleeves. It was at that point that I realized the outcome of the game was determined prior to tip-off.

As sports fans we always look for the smallest things to pick at when our team is down. Superstitions run heavy in sports for fans and competitors of all ages.

It is now at a point where some look the jersey’s as a curse. Well, it’s time to break down how much this “curse” is really effecting this team on the court.

The Bulls were struggling before donning their alternative look. They had dropped 5 of their previous 7 games and were 27-15 overall. Despite their struggles that record was good for 4th place in the East at the time. Since then the Bulls have gone 12-11.

January 19th: (Black Sleeveless)– Cavs 108 Bulls 94

January 25th: (Black Sleeves)– Heat 96 Bulls 84

January 30th: (Black Sleeveless)– Suns 99 Bulls 93

February 4th: (Black Sleevless)– Rockets 101 Bulls 90

March 6th: (Black Sleeves)– Pacers 98 Bulls 84

March 9th: (Green Sleeves)– Grizzlies 101 Bulls 91

The Bulls scoring per game takes the biggest hit while wearing their alternate uniforms. Averaging just 89 ppg in those 6 games. Chicago is averaging 102 ppg in the 59 games that they are wearing their traditional, white at home, red on the road uniforms.

Traditional Uniforms-asksam

FG- 44%
3pt- 35%
FT- 78%
Reb- 45.8 per game
Assist- 22 per game
Steals- 6 per game
Blocks- 6 per game
Turnovers- 14.5 per game
Fouls- 18 per game

Alternate Uniforms-1996-chicago-bulls

FG- 38%
3pt- 32%
FT- 77%
Reb- 46.6 per game
Assist- 16 per game
Steals- 5 per game
Blocks- 5 per game
Turnovers- 11 per game
Fouls- 18 per game

Obviously this isn’t the only reason behind the Bulls struggles this season. However, being 0-6 in the alternate look, while trying to scratch and claw their way into a top 4 seed before the playoffs start, maybe this would be an appropriate time for the Bulls to take a step back and realize they need all the help they can get. Simply going back to the traditional Chicago Bulls look would be the first step I would take.



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