Chicago Bulls Zone Player Previews: Bobby Portis

#5 PF-C 6’11 230 Bobby Portis age 20 @BPortistime

This summer da Bulls stole another big rotation piece with the 22nd pick of the draft. Bulls fans, say hello to your future starting center, possibly as early as the following season depending on Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah’s plans. Quickly becoming a fan favorite, Bobby Portis, a.k.a Crazy Eyes, is truly built to be a versatile player in this new NBA for the next few years. After waiting for a Stretch 4 for so long, the Bulls very likely have gotten a Stretch 5 this season, with the high potential to create a formidable big man duo with PF Nikola Mirotic. I feel like da Bulls have struck gold once again, as they have potentially found 4 starters to surround former #1 overall choice Derrick Rose with picks lower than #20. Jimmy Butler at #30, Nikola Mirotic at #23, Tony Snell at #20, and Bobby at #22. Spurs look out. I considered Bobby Portis a high lottery pick, thinking no way would he drop to the Bulls. There were several PGs and wings taken instead and the big man with the soft touch fell to da Bulls. Bobby is no softie though. He battles on the boards using his agility and long arms to beat bigger players. He is very quick on his feet for his size and steps out to the 3pt line effectively in help defense. He has a knack for making clever plays for himself and teammates. He runs the floor faster than most bigs, and he would race them to prove it if asked probably.

Bobby will play himself onto the court this season and earn it sooner than later if given the chance. There will be enough time this season for him to find a role, even if limited, and to contribute. It’s hard to leave talent off the court no matter what age in basketball, and harder to keep it on the court at a certain age. As a rookie big man, he’s the only young muscle since Niko is tall and skinny, so he will be needed at some point considering the ages of Gasol, Noah, and Gibson. Only 20 years old, he should add more muscle to his frame as he gets his “grown man” body similar to Noah’s career arc. Bobby Portis is a very exciting young talent who will be very fun to watch grow his game in the following years. He’ll bring a lot of good energy to the United Center.

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