Chicago Bulls Zone Player Previews: Doug McDermott

#3 SG-SF 6’8 225 Doug McDermott age 23 @dougmcd3

How about that shot to beat the Mavs? Doug McDermott has definitely benefitted the most with the coaching change and has started to resemble the player Bulls management was expecting when they used 2 first-round picks to into the lottery for him. He has been very vocal about his excitement for the new offense and for good reason. Doug was drafted for his offensive game which made it miserable to sit and watch an offensively inept Bulls team last season from the bench. His defensive issues combined with the rise of Nikola Mirotic buried McDermott even more. Thibs gave similar treatment to our previous hired gun for outside shooting, Kyle Korver, who has gone on to become the best spot up shooter in NBA history. Last year is a mulligan for McDermott as this season will give us our first real look at how consistent his offense can be as well as any flashes of future potential with the freedom given in the offense.

McDermott has been given the offensive lead for the 2nd unit so far going into the season and has said he is comfortable with that role. He should get many looks with both the starters and in reserve depending on matchups and how well Tony Snell is playing at the small forward spot. Once Mike Dunleavy returns, McDermott should also find minutes at the shooting guard spot. I can see him getting more minutes than Snell many nights as Fred Hoiberg learns which lineups to close games with. Although Snell has the starter role similar to the infamous Keith Bogans role, expect Hoiberg to leave McDermott on the floor in games where he catches fire.

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