Chicago Bulls Zone Player Previews: Tony Snell

#20 SG-SF 6’7 220 Tony Snell age 23 @TonySnell20

Just look at that shooting form…beautiful, but….it’s been such a tease for so long now. Bulls fans have been waiting on Tony Snell since he started showing flashes of his potential as a 3 and D wing. He possesses excellent gifts of length and athleticism that shows up sometimes and makes me a believer, but the mental game is difficult on young players under the old Thibs regime. That and lack of playing time that allows development that sticks. But that’s some old shhh and Snell went into the summer looking for more minutes. So he added another 15 pounds of lean muscle that has enabled him to not only get to the spot but hold it physically, resembling Jimmy Butler more this preseason on the perimeter. He also has displayed newfound confidence in his shooting and is showing some aggression which had been lacking his first 2 seasons. His improvement this summer must have really impressed during private workouts as new head coach Fred Hoiberg has opted to start Snell at the SF spot over lottery pick and good friend, Doug McDermott. Looking at the projected lineup of Rose, Butler, Snell, Mirotic, and Gasol, it’s clear Snell’s defensive abilities were enough to offset McDermott’s offensive contributions early to start games. Paired with da Bullies, Butler & Rose, on the perimeter seems very problematic for opposing offenses with all the speed and length along the wings. I am cautiously optimistic that this trio will not only compensate for Pau and Niko, but also create many fast break opportunities.

The Running of da Bulls with a couple of Spaniards. Can you see it now? Remember Rose catching lobs with one hand on the break? Remember Jimmy dunking on Chris Bosh’s head? Snell can also run and throw it down. Hell, Niko is one of the fastest big men in the league up and down the court. Remember Niko dunking on the Greek Freak? I really hope Tony can join them and accelerate the offense and his own game this season. That would be swell, Tony Snell. C’mon Snelly Cat, let’s go.

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